Together as One

Within the City of Glen Cove, there is a small elementary school named Deasy. At this elementary school there is immense diversity that actually is deemed to bring everyone together as one. One of the only bilingual teachers who also teaches first grade classes at Deasy Elementary School, Ms. Jennifer Hajok, was generous enough to let me sit in on her class and observe how each and every one of her kids adjusts and deals with this diversity. When interviewing Ms. Hajok she was asked about struggles of being one of the only bilingual teachers, and whether or not the kids notice that they are all different and how she adjusts to accommodating all of her students as needed. Although at times making sure the kids that need a little bit of an extra help in their work or even having a one-on-one is difficult for her, she adjusts and overcomes every obstacle just to see the joy and excitement at the end of the day in all the boys and girls faces, all together as one.

The first picture shows the classroom empty and the second picture shows it filled with all of the kids.


In this picture above, you see a group of students and how well they all did on their quiz. All the students get taught the same so they are all able to get good grades.

Here, I took a few pictures of the students working independently.


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